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Bayin Wu Studio is a professional scale model/miniature crafting fun house that has been in the business since 2010. We are proud of our extreme detailed models that have been adored by collectors around the world.



I have been a professional modeler since 2009, since when I started to publish my works on major magazines and books and Won numerous awards across Europe shows. I am especially possessed by retro looking style but my range of subject is wider and Im devoted to create works with extreme details and realism.


  • Gold__2023 Hungry Moon Model Show, Master Class

  • Gold__2023 Hungry Moon Model Show

  • Gold__2019 Hungry Moson Model Show, Diorama

  • Best of Show__2019 Hungry Moson Model Show

  • Silver__2019 Hungry Moson Model Show, Powered ship

  • Silver__2019 Hungry Moson Model Show, AFV 1:72

  • Gold__2018 UK Scale Model World, Diorama

  • Special Award__2018 Hungary Moson Model Show 

  • Gold__2017 Holland Scale Model Challenge, Warship

  • Gold__2016 Holland Scale Model Challenge, Master Class Military Vehicles

  • Silver__2016 Holland Scale Model Challenge, Vehicles SciFi & Fantasy

  • Bronze__2016 Holland Scale Model Challenge, Civilian Vehicles

  • Gold__2016 UK On Track Show, Armor and Si-fi vehicle 

  • Gold__2016 Moson Model Show, Fantasy andSci-fi models

  • Gold__2015-2014 Moson Model Show WWII armor, modern armor  

  • Silver__2014 UK Euromilitaire,diorama and armor vehicle 

  • Best of Diorama and Gold__2014-2013 China Shanghai New year model challenge

  • Model Art Award__2012 Tamiya Model Photography Contest


《Model World》2012 Feb, Apr, Oct; 2013 Jan, Mar

《Abrams Squad》02(2013),07(2014)

《Abrams Squad Special》No.3 Modelling the BTR eight-wheeled

《AFV Modeller》74

《Meng AFV Modeller》86

《Steel Art》No.146 (2016 Feb)

​《The Weathering Magazine》Issue 3,4,5

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