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In a village sustained by mystical blue water, tragedy unfolds as a sailor's doomed expedition encounters a Pegasus. Generations later, the Captain discovers a glowing relic, embarking on a quest that unveils his grandfather's connection to the mythical creature, leading to a hidden lighthouse and a frozen legacy


Bayin Wu Studio is a professional scale model and miniature crafting studio. We produce extremely detailed models that are loved by collectors around the world. Mr. Bayin Wu, the founder and managing director, won numerous awards across Europe shows. In 2019 Moson Model Show, he won three Highest awards at the same time: Best of Show, Best Ship and Best Diorama.

We make videos for these models and publish them on YouTube, Bilibili and other UGC platforms. As one of our masterpieces, Das Boot has been played more than 1 million times across all platforms.


Pegasus is our up-to-date large scale model artwork. Combining the sculpting and miniature techniques, Pegasus show the highest crafting and storytelling skills. We bring fantasy into real life: Mountain and Hand, Village and Temple, River and waterfall, Ship and Pegasus. Where it all began is this Masterpiece ‘Pegasus’ we crafted.



Pegasus, a tale of redemption and symbiosis.

This is a 15-minute adventure fantasy short film that relies on the Pegasus model as a prototype. It will also represent as a prequel story, narratively linked to the film that we've already done, to form a bigger worldview. In this film we refine and go deeper into the story background, representing a compelling story unveil a magical tale of symbiosis between people and the environment. The shooting format is digital, estimated running time is 15 mintues.



Captain, a 30-year-old miner and descendant of war. He is a kind, adventurous, and brave seeker of hidden truths in Pegasus. Fueled by the quest for Identity, Captain unravels the buried history, Seeking a new way out of this bruised and battered world.


This magical land is in fact the Great Hand that has always been alive, Pegasus, coexist with the 
Great Hand. Humans, drawn to this magical realm, exploit the lifeblood of the Great Hand 

– the Blue Water – to thrive amidst scarcity. As ambition poisons the hearts of these settlers, a devastating war erupts between humans and Pegasus, leaving the once-utopian land in ruins.


Years later, the captain, a descendant of those who waged war, discovers this buried secret.The Captain decides to heal the wounds and find a way out for human survival.

"Pegasus" is an exploration of symbiotic relationships and the consequences of "Pegasus" is an exploration of symbiotic relationships and the consequences of unchecked ambition. It unravels the delicate threads connecting humanity and the Great Hand, weaving a tale of discovery, redemption, and the transformative power of reconciliation in a realm where magic and reality converge.


Exploring Unreal Engine 5 for a groundbreaking film involves pushing features and community plugins, focusing on enhancing ocean quality. We choose Dylan Brown's Advanced Ocean System for Cinematic Renders, cognizant of its early development. To address stormy ocean scene limitations, collaboration with Houdini's alembic simulations is planned. Our toolkit integrates the Lumen Dynamic Lighting System, Niagara particle system, Chaos physics system for cloth simulations, and the Ultra Dynamic Sky plugin for high-quality clouds.

Despite initial ocean system challenges, Unreal Engine's assets, Lumen, and Megascans facilitate smooth progress. Animated effortlessly with the sequencer, we look forward to expanding the use of virtual camera systems in our project.


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